Leap[li:p] To spring or bound upward. Leapfrog [li:pfrOg] To move forward or progress in.


Our Services

How the assignments are designed is completely related to the customer's needs. It may be a straight consulting assignment aimed at an analysis of the company's situation and what measures should be taken. Purple Frog may also be involved in project-managing the process of introducing measures and changes, either in support of the employed managers and leaders, or managing the entire project. Ideally PurpleFrog would like to be present and ensure that the analysis, assessments and recommendations becomes real action plans that are carried out and gives the client the desired result, rather than the traditional consulting role in which only the troubleshooting is central and the only tangible result is a documentation that points out that something should be done.

Purple Frog can also be a temporary resource for a shorter or longer period if the customer going through a phase where resources and / or expertise must be added. It is also becoming more common to use so-called interim managers, from which Purple Frog has experience. For the occasion where there is a pending requirement for a manager that hits the ground running to work for a limited period. It may be an alternative to employ a temp during a longer illness or leave, or to fill a gap between recruitments.