Leap[li:p] To spring or bound upward. Leapfrog [li:pfrOg] To move forward or progress in.



It is not the game played by children. In this context, it is the name of Purple Frogs proprietary approach. Or rather a series of methods and processes. In its essence, it aims to work systematically and process-oriented to achieve maximum efficiency and results with minimum effort. Instead of struggling against the wind, progress is achieved in small "jumps", or a series of small jumps, and jumping over the obstacles rather than running straight into them. So the name is quite graphic.

The methods, processes and performance are multidimensional. The basic steps are Analyze - Change - Project Lead - Implement - Conduct - Coach. We look at the entire organization and at all levels. From the helicopter perspective to the frog's perspective. The entire organization must be comfortable, or at least understand the changes that are implemented, so everyone plays the same game, with the same rules and with the same strategy.

None of the above probably appears as something truly revolutionary. On the other hand, if it would appear as revolutionary in 2012, that would be odd. LeapFrog is based on experience, personal and others, common sense and a methodology that binds together all the pieces to make it actually work and not turn it in to something overly complicated. It is better to introduce a simple and perhaps not fully optimal process than to have no processes at all, for example.

We analyze each business stage, benchmark and establish the roadmap how to get there. Success is on the whole quite simple. It's about doing the right things the right way, at the right time. That is what LeapFrog aims at.