Leap[li:p] To spring or bound upward. Leapfrog [li:pfrOg] To move forward or progress in.


About PurpleFrog

Purple Frog is a resource and consulting company, primarily working with sales and sales effectiveness. The scope of PurpleFrogs operation also accommodates management and leadership development. The common thread is to create an environment and conditions for an effective, sustainable and ideally predictable revenue stream.

Behind Purple Frog is Tim Åström with an extensive experience in leadership, management and business development. Previous positions and assignments include:
SJ AB, Acting Head of Sales group and event, and international group sales (Swedish State Rail)
Falcon Air, Interim CEO and Accountable Manager
Netrevelation AB, Head of Business Development, a consultant in marketing (logistics, business systems)
Worldspan Services Ltd, Sales Manager, later Managing Director (IT solutions for the travel industry)
China Airlines of Taiwan R.O.C, Manager Sweden
Boxcom,growth strategies and building the sales (telematics, automatic driver log)

Purple Frog enjoys relationships with a network of partners to obtain the best result in every task.
For example:
The TAS Group –Specializing in sales effectiveness, primarily based on the Target Account Selling methodology
Salesforce.com –cloud-based CRM systems with sales support