Leap[li:p] To spring or bound upward. Leapfrog [li:pfrOg] To move forward or progress in.


What is sales effectiveness?

Becoming more effective in sales is defined as that any person involved in sales becomes better at growing the revenue in the sales funnel. It can be used either to increase the total sales volume. It can also be used to maintain the present revenue volume with fewer staff in various types of downsizing.

The traditional method is to increase the activity level by increasing the number of ongoing sales efforts. Often by hiring more sales staff, or forcing them to increase the level of activities. To become more effective in the sales process can make that requirement obsolete. To recruit more sales staff may be the "right" way, but one should not forget that the margin is affected by the cost of sales. It need not be the best way to increase the value of concluded deals. It may, paradoxically, be counterproductive. And increasing the number of staff may also challenge the organization.

The effectiveness of sales efforts can be measured by Sales Swiftness - The speed of sales. How to make to increase the Sales Swiftness is the essence of Purple Frogs services. Contact us to find out more.