Leap[li:p] To spring or bound upward. Leapfrog [li:pfrOg] To move forward or progress in.


Grow your revenue

A company's profitability, to simplify, can be said to be the difference between revenues and expenses. Revenues are therefore very important for the company's profitability.

Sales generate revenue. In doing so, the sales department owns the responsibility for the revenue. The sales department is thus important for the company's profitability.

If you agree thus far, please stay on the page and keep reading.

The more revenue the sales department can generate, the greater the possibility is that the company is profitable, or even more profitable. If you still agree, please stick around the page.

Perhaps the most common way to increase activities in the sales department is hiring more salespeople. Or in the more vain cases, ordering more sales activities with the same number of staff. Sometimes they even go wild and organize a 2-hour course for sales staff at the sales kick-off. If you think these are the best solutions, or perhaps even the only solutions needed, Purple Frog is not for you and you can stop reading now.

However, if you think that an effective sales process, a good sales method and long term development of the sales staff is to be preferred. And also, if you're interested in different ways increase sales velocity and work with sales effectiveness across the organization, we are just right for you. Read more about us on the home page, or contact us directly for more information or an unconditional meeting. Increased revenue with little efforts and risk should never be wrong.